Break The Internet | The Black Thought Theory

December 15, 2017

Break The Internet | The Black Thought Theory

THEORY: Hip-Hop legend & emcee Black Thought (@blackthought) dropped a verse designed to 'Break the Internet" because he had detailed insider info that the FCC and shady Corporations are preparing to LITERALLY Break the Internet. [Continued below.]

See the insta-classic verse here.
As decades long fans of the Philly emcee, we know very well, his lyrical capabilities...
BUT, COME THE FUCK ON... He rips one long verse that may have placed him firmly in the seat of best Hip-Hop Emcee, or at least lyricist, of ALL TIME. 

Thought really did something special and makes a major statement, in this current climate of Old vs Young Head or traditional vs trap/mumble. He drops bar after bar of word wizardry, steeped in historical and cultural references, while keepin' it classic, Tariq level GRITTY. This is a testament to the true, modern griot status, and responsibility that any real emcee should be taking, when do this thing we call RAPPIN'. It's true power and is not a GAME.

Do You Want More?!!!?! is the second studio album by the hip hop band The Roots. It's the band's major label-debut, coming two years after their independent debut album, Organix (1993). Do You Want More?!!!?! is considered by critics as a classic of hip hop jazz.

The Theory:
With the looming decisions being made by the FCC regarding NET NEUTRALITY (which still can be overturned) and the obvious collusion between our Government and shady mega Corporations, we believe that, by way of his industry ties, Black Thought made a subtle, yet monumental, last ditch effort to drop a verse that would 'BREAK THE INTERNET', as he had prior knowledge of the FCC's ruling.

We believe Thought prepared a verse that would leave an indelible mark on the minds of Hip-Hop and rap fans, showing what a real emcee is, and is all about, just as we may be seeing the final nails hammered into the lid of the coffin. Beyond Hip-Hop, we may be seeing the death of all Great American Black musical offerings (in the mainstream).

The end of net neutrality will give the ISP/media corporations and major record labels (all the same shit) that much more ability to funnel and concentrate a particular sound, artist, and look to the masses. We've already seen how 'THE SYSTEM' has totally manipulated and mutated Hip-Hop and Pop music into some bizarre, super ratchet-lean'd out-percocet'd up- CHIMERA (look it up), as far as most mainstream music goes. We can only expect more of the same, as labels continue to make billions from stories, however repetitive and/or phony, of Black, urban struggle and all out FUCKERY.  That shit is LIT, right!?

Much love and respect to Black Thought and the whole Roots crew for truly doing it FOR THE CULTURE and showing the world what Black music and Black excellence in art is really about.

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