ALLSTREETLOOKS | Oakland | 510 Day Highlights & Interviews

May 15, 2018 1 Comment

ALLSTREETLOOKS | Oakland | 510 Day Highlights & Interviews


 ALLSTREETLOOKS | Oakland | 510 Day Highlights/Interviews 

Featuring: Davey D, DNAS, Charlese B.(Socially Fly), Do D.A.T (Golden Age Society) Deacon (Onsayo A.)

Music by Oakland Legends 'The Conscious Daughters' - WE ROLL DEEP
Used with permission- Special Thanks to CMG

ALLSTREETLOOKS gives you a 'Boots on the Ground' report and a glimpse into the true Love, Positive Energy, Intelligence, and Soul, that can be experienced on any given day IN THE TOWN!

We speak with some of Oaklands best and brightest about the attacks and harassment faced by Black/African Americans, and it's greater implications.

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Facebook post //

White Woman Called Out for Racially Targeting Black Men Having BBQ

Oakland, Ca - At around 11:20 AM a white woman approached a black man named Deacon for having a BBQ grill at Lake Merritt today.
She told him he could not BBQ there and called the police. She would not leave Deacon alone. A young black woman was walking by overheard how the white woman was harassing him telling him he can not be there, she stopped and asked the woman to leave her alone. The white woman became aggressive with the woman. She started filming the woman's aggressive behavior and has told us it's up on Facebook (probably a live stream).
Shortly after that Deacon's friend Kenzie arrived. According to Kenzie, the woman said "Oh another nigger." She proceeded to tell all three of the people at the BBQ table that she owned the park, and they are not allowed there. She also said them they were going to jail.
Kenzie's wife (me) was up the street finishing brunch at Lakeshore Ave. He texted me a picture of the white woman and said: "If I go to jail this who did it to me."
So I walked over to the scene, and that's where the video starts. I arrived 12:50 pm.

The police did not stop the BBQ. They spoke with Deacon about an hour later and said they were BBQ-ing in a permitted zone.

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August 08, 2018

Hello, I am a reporter with KQED and I am working on a piece about 510 Day. I would like to know if there is anyone I can speak with about the 510 video posted. I am looking for original sound from the actual party at Lake Merritt. I am wondering if someone can help me out with this. thank you

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